We are still here!

Greetings, dear friends! :heart:

I’ve been getting private messages on Discord asking if we’ve abandoned the server. We have not, we’re still here, dedicated to our community and providing the best gaming experience, focusing on advertising instead of improving the server further - we think the server is in a really good state features-wise, but there’s not as many players as we’d wish. We are actively working on advertising and marketing our server daily, which we think is the way to grow.

Unlike other servers that prioritize profit over their players’ experience, we remain committed to transparency, fairness, and quality. We believe in creating a growing community rather than lining our pockets. Your trust matters to us, and we’re here to stay.

We bring you a small gift today, from another server - someone sent us this screenshot. We have no relation to this player. If you feel you’ve wasted your money there instead of choosing to have fun here, don’t say we didn’t warn you!