We don't want everyone to join

Greetings, dear friends.

We want as many people as possible on our server - more people is more fun! However, we only want players who really like our server, we don’t want to deal with players who are going to have a bad time here. We don’t want you if this server is not for you.

Is this server right for you?

We believe in transparency, and we want all our players to have the best possible experience. However, it’s important to acknowledge that our server might not be the perfect fit for everyone. This is what it’s all about:

1. PvP Focus

This applies to all 3 servers (Low, Mid, High). Our main server is known for its intense PvP and challenging gameplay, and we intend to apply it for all servers in the network, in their own unique style. If you prefer a more PvE focused gaming experience where there is no PvP tension at all, please reconsider, as we have a clear PvP focus.

2. Minimal Tolerance for Rule Violations

We maintain a strict policy against cheating, exploiting, using bots, or any form of unfair play. If you don’t intend to play legit, you may find yourself banned unexpectedly while enjoying the server, ending your fun times.

3. Community Interaction

We encourage positive and respectful interactions within our community. If you have a toxic character, you won’t be around for long.

4. Long-Term Commitment

Our server focuses on long-term gameplay and content. We are running a marathon, not a sprint. If you prefer explosive server lifecycles with frequent wipes, this server might not provide you with what you want.

5. Anti-Corruption Policy

We are proud to maintain a strict stance against corruption. Clan leaders asking for money to play won’t get any, and big donators looking for illegal items because they have big wallets won’t either. Our commitment to fairness and integrity is more important for us than the money we get.

6. Gameplay Modifications

We have made significant changes to the original gameplay of Lineage 2 via reworks mostly. So, if you want the standard experience, looking for all the retail details in the skills, this server isn’t it. Ours is an original experience, full of uniquely fun stuff, which we hope everyone will enjoy, but we will not force them to.

We believe in diversity within the Lineage 2 community, and we respect that each player has unique preferences. While our server might not be the right choice for everyone, it has found a dedicated community of players who enjoy its distinctive features and challenges.

Before joining, we recommend carefully considering your gaming preferences and whether they match what our server offers. We want your Lineage 2 experience to be enjoyable, whether it’s with us or on a server that better suits your gaming style.

So, join only because you want to play in a server like ours, and have fun with like-minded players :smile:

Thank you for reading :heart: