Website rework? (and marketing)

Yo guys,im really trully excited about your project. Seriously i’m really excited that i sitting creating ideas to implent to server,i will make a list and i’ll mail you guys and if u find smth interesting,u can implent it.
Anyway,I was thinking about advertisment and marketing tactics.
I think you have to rework the website design,idk if it’s in your plan guys,or if it’s something way expensive.
But i’m kinda curious about the budget,i hope is plenty enough for a succed opening and much advertising ads. If not,i think we can give a little bit help,as much anyone has.
I really loved server,great memories,i even made friendships in real life
GL once again,cheers :saluting_face:


In my opinion, feedback from players should be transparent so that everyone can express their opinion, so maybe it would be better to use this forum instead of email?

Advertising the server is essential and should be prepared 2-3 weeks before the launch. Report the server on sites like topzone, hopzone etc. if the launch date is already known. It is worth thinking about some kind of video to promote the changes - especially those unusual among the rest of similar servers.

I can promote the server on the forum with the l2 community from my country, but this will probably not bring many players.


Greetings, dear friends :heart:

If you have feedback, please share it publicly. We don’t judge or criticize, we simply value the idea and will eventually get to implement it if we believe it brings enough benefits for the effort it costs us. Allow others to share their point of view on your idea, the more we brainstorm the easier the decision making and the more awesome the server and the more players.

We believe in transparency, emails should be just for support, where private details shouldn’t be shared.

We have reworked (a bit) the website some weeks ago. Hopefully it’s better now. If you have specific feedback to improve the website, please let us know!

We will do all we can do for free, with our own time and effort and connections, to increase the market awareness of our server. We will not pay scam sites or services. We have done so in the past and it never brought the results we expected (or they promised).

If something is worth it we will pay for it, we have no problem with that. However, there’s very few things that are worth paying for, and we’ll do so only after getting donations, we don’t want upfront costs, we want to be self-reliable, we don’t want the server to implode if we stop receiving donations.

Keep in mind our server doesn’t focus on money, it focuses on fun. So, we are mostly against the philosophy of paying to increase the online count because that would mean we encourage ourselves to want to increase our donations so we can pay for even more stuff. This would lead to a server that focuses on money, not fun.

With all that said, be sure that we will use all the resources within our principles that are available to us to make the server grow as much as possible for as long as possible.

We rely on organic growth and we expect our community to help us in marketing and advertising. We want to make a server so good and so amazing that our players will love it and want to help us for free. Because we deserve it. We understand people expect rewards for putting in time, so we will support anyone who helps us. There will be a post coming up about this soon.

Don’t be discouraged for us not paying for scam sites. You have more power than you think. Join the server and tell your friends to join. This is the way to increase the community.