Where are you from?

Hello guys,let’s welcome each other on forum.
Let’s trend something on our forum section.
I start.

Nickname: Satiel/Nymmusuyz
Class: Ghost hunter/Archmage
Age: 25
Country: Greece
Game experience: 15 years +/-
Hero class taken: Ghost hunter/Evas saint/ Moonlight Sentinel
First Hero: Hmm,i had many heroes on different servers. From gracia epilogue client to High Five.
My first hero i took it was on last match. My opponent was Overlord. I remember it was Freya client. That OL had smth like 50 WIN / 0 DEFEAT. Everytime you had him opponent,he would pew pew you easily. I had a big fight with another Ghost hunter about that hero. The joke is that it was the last match,i was already registered,olympiad closed and manager call the people for the last oly fight. A guy from my clan pm me and tells me that my enemy was that OL. I was so desperate and i wanted that hero SOOOO much. As im buffing my char,my brother step in the room. (he is the reason im playing L2 and the reason my main class is GH,he is really experienced). I’m teling him the situation,and he tells me,stand up and i’ll try. I go lay to the bed,i put my forehead to pillow and i’m waiting.That MF OL was so good that I was pretty much sure that even my brother wont kill him. Fight starts,my brother trying,but he can’t,he’s running and hiding. He’s telling me im using the life force since it’s last match. Life force,shadow step,backstab,dual blow… AND LETHAL!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Perhaps,that momment was the first time seeing lethal succed.
I was living my best L2 momment,first time seeing my character hero!!
PS: the other guy that we fighting for GH hero,left from server after this fight