Why we don't have Party Zones

Greetings, dear friends :heart:

Many of you have noticed the absence of “party zones” on our server. This decision is on purpose, and it’s rooted in our commitment to creating an environment that prioritizes player interaction, balanced PvP, and overall server quality.

In the past, we did experiment with party zones where monsters were challenging and offered substantial rewards. However, the outcome wasn’t what we expected. Here’s why we made this choice:

Focusing on PvP

Party zones had an effect to draw players away from the main PvP zone, creating an empty PvP zone that didn’t align with our vision :crossed_swords:

Item Progression

We believe that player interaction and PvP battles should be the primary means of farming for more powerful items. The introduction of party zones led to a significant difference in player stats based on items farmed with PvE. This balance lowered the overall quality of PvP on our server :coin:

Class Viability

Party zones often saw players using classes that are good in PvE but are worse for PvP. This discrepancy in class choices (and items, buffs, the whole setup) further lowered the quality of PvP :yawning_face:

Our goal is to create an environment where player interaction and meaningful PvP are the focus of the gaming experience. We want you to have fun engaging with players and see your stats improve through interacting with other players - farming items via PvP.

By eliminating party zones, we ensure that PvP remains the central focus, and every encounter is an opportunity to improve your skills and progress in stats. We believe this approach leads to a more dynamic and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

Thank you for being part of our community, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to provide the best Lineage 2 experience possible :milky_way:

Thank you again! :heart: