Why we will treat everyone equally

Greetings, dear friends :small_blue_diamond:

In a scene where corruption and favoritism have destroyed the gaming experience, we proudly declare our dedication to greatness. We are committed to preserving and honoring the values of honesty, fairness, and transparency within the Lineage 2 community. We want a server we can be proud of.

Our Resolve

  1. Crystal-Clear Donations : We pride ourselves on complete transparency. In all our servers, donations give you only Aqua Crystals, and there are no hidden donations. What you see in the store is what you can get for money. No secrets, no hidden agendas, no GMs giving items to anyone for money.
  2. Equality for All: We truly believe we are all equal. Every player, regardless of status or background, is treated with the same level of respect and impartiality. We firmly believe that everyone should have the same rights on our server and be treated the same way as everyone else.
  3. Rejecting Special Requests: When sending donations to us, you get your rewards automatically, so we do not give attention to who you are or how much money you donate. You don’t need to write an email to anyone unless there has been a problem. As we follow our commitment of treating everyone equally, any special donation requests that attempt to undermine our core principles will simply be rejected. We are not willing to accept any other direction in terms of donations. If you want to play on a server where you can bend the rules of the game by just donating enough, go play there instead. We have a hard stance here because that’s the server we’d like to play in.

Our Secret

We understand the harmful effects of corruption and inequality in gaming communities. Our motivation stems from a strong commitment to establishing a Lineage 2 server where trust is a fundamental value. Here, competition is solely based on merit, without any modified characters. Our dedication to fairness is our way of addressing the problems that plague other servers.

We’re not entirely altruistic; we’re also motivated by financial gain. However, this is also the best choice possible, for everyone involved. Notice how our actions will be moving the Lineage 2 community towards a more positive direction, which benefits everyone involved.

Increased Donations

Long-Term Income: Fair treatment builds trust, encouraging players to stay and invest in the server.
Positive Reputation: Honesty attracts new players and positive reviews, further boosting donations.
Lower Attrition: Fair servers retain more players, ensuring consistent income and higher online.

Protection Against Failures

Stability and Longevity: Ethical servers will not collapse due to sudden corruption drama.
Community Loyalty: Ethical servers create a loyal community that can overcome challenges together.
Better Feedback: Trusted GMs and Admins will lead to constructive player input, improving the server even more.

In summary, ethical Lineage 2 servers are the future: they enjoy increased donations, stability, and various other advantages, making them more successful in the long term.

Thank you for reading! :heart: